Tony Tafuro is a New York native, multi-medium artist. Growing up just outside of New York city from an early age Tony was driven to put pen to paper has not stopped since. Graduating with a BFA from Parsons in 2012 in Photography, he immediately dove in to a photography career after school, following black metal skate group Barrier Kult resulting in his first book. His photography has been shown in group and private shows across Europe and North America. Tony published several books that can be retrospectively understood to document his transition from photography back to oil, ink, and acrylic on paper and canvas, where his love for art began. Part of that transition for Tony has been the fashion world where he has been making custom painted garments for four years. Clothing seen on the likes of cultural icons and in the underground scene, alike. Concurrently, and mostly in secret, Tony has also been working on paper and canvas works. Tony’s work can be understood as having elements of abstract Impressionism, coming from an outlander background. Bright imagery and colors, with dark influence. Works are at times layered over unsatisfied framing. Hard body paint is often mixed with water to softer his at times harsh attack. This show will be the first opportunity to see that work displayed publicly, he will showing in a solo show in the coming weeks at the Domicile Tokyo Gallery. To truly understand this artist’s work is to view the multiple mediums he has worked across as necessary creative conjunctions to arrive at the place he is at now.