My sculpture, installations, drawing and photography considers the small, quiet moments of our everyday lives. I examine the emotional weight that can often slip through the cracks of routine, repetition and pattern. The casual stacking of magazines in the corner, the delicate personality found within a signature, and a casual gesture discovered within a discarded grapevine, all quietly demand attention and investigation.

Sitting within these moments, I create facsimiles often through casting or actual-size drawings, using architecture and design as larger points of departure. These copies have a clear mark of the artist’s hand and are rendered without the critical glue of functionality or purpose, to open up an emotional connection to otherwise strictly functional objects. A granite rock translated into porcelain, is now able to become fragile, light and something new. An exaggerated color palette, shifts in material choices and a focus on process all serve to increase this fiction and awaken the viewer’s expectation of the familiar.

Time often unravels in exaggerated way in my work; slowing down and speeding up haphazardly, echoing how our memories can be selectively picked up or erased. This glitch or failure within our brain becomes something I hold on to and pry open.

Ultimately, my work delves into the personal through the lens of the familiar- by asking the viewer to look harder, wider and longer at what they deem as true, and to question the faith and routine that appears to direct our everyday lives.