Palo Gallery’s ‘Memories Manifest’ Showcases Rising Stars Of New York City’s Art Scene

Dan Q. Dao, Forbes, October 5, 2020

As New York reopens slowly, and carefully, the city’s museums and galleries have once again started welcoming loyal patrons—albeit with COVID-19 safety measures like timed ticketing, mandatory mask-wearing, and social distancing. In such unprecedented times of crisis, it’s worth discussing how art can serve as both a refuge from and a reflection upon events and emotions past and present. This fluid idea of memory is a central motif in “Memories Manifest,” the latest group exhibition by the experimental Palo Gallery.


“The exhibition is a rumination and exploration of memory through a series of small-scale works from seven different artists,” explains founder-curator Paul Henkel. “Particularly in this time, memory is one of the few things we still have to remember the past pre-coronavirus and pre-election—or perhaps just taking us back to a sense of comfort. Yet, there are also works that don’t glorify memory in a nostalgic way. Memory can be problematic as well.”