What Is ‘Contemporary’ Caribbean Culture

MutualArt, April 15, 2020

This digital exhibition was curated and digitally animated by Mahagony Culture founder Zoe Osborne. It is a platform for Barbadians and people all over the world to come together for an open discusison, stories and listen to music followed by a virtural gallery exhibition with thought provoking art. It is meant to be an unprecedented experience that is mentally stimulating and inspiring.


Through this event Mahogany Culture will provide an opportunity for local artists and those in the diaspora to showcase their work. The work showcased will have a focus on Barbados and the Caribbean and will be a mixture of modern and traditional expressions. Photographers, Videographers, Visual/Graphic Artists, Musicians, Poets etc. will all have an opportunity to take part.


With Akilah Watts, Alex Gibson, Alexander James, Danielle Trotman, Dwight Jones, Joshua Greaves, Kalead Music, Kyle D. Alchemist, Orisha Image (Moussa Kone), Ray Liotta, Rhiannon Marquez, UZiMA, Xii the 7even and Zoe Osborne.